System "O3 navigator" is implemented as a web service for medical ozone therapists.
This assures users that they will always work with the latest version of the software and reference data, and removes them problems of preservation of information.

System "O3 navigator" allows you to:
  • automate work with protocols
  • automate work with patients
  • online chat between all users of the system
  • access to an extensive library of literature on ozone therapy


Any user can create a protocol for diagnosis from scratch.

At the moment, the system introduced by 75 medical diagnoses and 9 majors. Addition of new diagnoses made by the system administrator at the request of users.

The system provides the existence of two types of protocols: ozone therapy and extra therapy.

After selecting a diagnosis and determine the type of protocol, the user can make the necessary a set of predefined methods and specify the values for these parameters and the days of application. Thus, the protocol will be formed. It will be a custom protocol user.

If the user is an expert in the field of ozone therapy, its own protocols automatically involved in the preferential voting. This means that each protocol is assigned weight equal to the number of experts, whose reports agree with this. The protocol with the highest weight automatically considered to be standard. If there are several groups of protocols with the choice of equal weights standard version is made by drawing lots.

Review of the status of automatic determination of standard protocols presented on page "Coordination of protocols."

On this page you can see the choice of protocols, offered by all the experts and chosen as his own any of them. Then, if desired, He can make your own protocol, any amendments as if he created it from scratch.

The user can also download the standard protocol and save it as your own without having to visit page alignment, but simply using the appropriate link on the page forming its own protocol.


The system allows you to store information about multiple visits to an unlimited number of patients.

After you enter personal information about the patient and determining the diagnosis of the patient may be appointed its own, or a standard protocol that automatically become the treatment protocol this particular patient. Any subsequent changes to the protocol will only apply this patient.

After determining the date of commencement of treatment, as well as weekends, holidays and other holidays, the protocol patient can be printed in relation to specific calendar dates and the schedule will be for the patient - the days to come to the procedures and what procedures should be done.

Extra-protocol, among others, can also serve as a prescription for purchase in pharmacies essential medicines in sufficient quantities and the right form of release.

Periodic fences patient blood for analysis, and they pass the test of psychophysiological assessment allow the state to control the patient\'s health status changes in accordance with the theory of adaptation. A visual display of results is presented as a series of graphs.

Leukocyte formula is "hormonal mirror" homeostasis. Professional Studies Asia-EU ozone therapists have shown correctly held that the rate of ozone therapy normalize the parameters of white blood cells. The degree of removal of the tension response of white blood eosinophils, basophils, monocytes and stab neutrophils is an indicator of treatment success. The program is integrated module that allows to assess the current strength of the reaction on the mentioned types of white blood cells, as well as the type of adaptive response. The software module allows for rapid analysis of the effectiveness of ozone therapy. An additional option, the program is the ability to determine the current status of the patient\'s psychological survey data.


The system is built permanent chat where you can ask questions to experts and operational share information with colleagues. To enter the chat does not need any extra effort. Enough to open the chat and you can immediately write a message or read messages from other users for the current day, and for any previous period.


This section of the system under development.


"O3 Navigator" system is located on the site http://OzoneProtocols.org.

When you first visit the site you will be prompted to download and install client\'s part of the system.

To start working with the system you will need to login with the username and password.

Username and password you can get at billing@ozoneprotocols.org. Please include your full name. In the subject line specify: "Registration in the O3 Navigator."

In reply you will get a username and password to login.